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  • Winter Spa Rehab Treatment Protocol.

    Winter-Rehab (2)


    Winter Spa Rehab Treatment Protocol.

    By Angie Dubis

    Treat your customers to a relaxing and restorative winter rejuvenation treatment.

    Tips for Success:

    Build take homes into the cost of the therapy to encourage self-care and future retail sales. Take homes give people warm fuzzy feelings that they will associate with you! Plus, they get the opportunity to try products out for themselves at home without any pressure to purchase. If they love it, they will ask where they can get more, opening up the door for you to offer them retail sizes of the products they love.

    • Dispense 3 oz. of exfoliant into 4 oz. container with lid and send home with the client.

    Add $3 to treatment price to cover cost.

    • Quick wash Exfoliating Hydro Gloves, place in a zip-lock bag and send home with client.

    Add $2 to treatment price to cover cost.

    Treatment Details:

    Session Duration: 75 minutes

    Product & Supply Cost/Session: $8 – $12

    Suggested Price: $90 – $120

    TREATMENT GUIDE: (refer to Massage Warehouse SPA Protocol for step by step instructions)

    1. Dispense exfoliant, body mud and body butter into rubber spa bowls. Mix 10 drops of Geranium essential oil into mud (can be added to all products). Place products in heating unit to warm.
    2. Place Hot Stones in heating unit.
    3. Starting with client in a prone position, apply exfoliation protocol to posterior body.
    4. Client flips to supine position, apply exfoliation protocol to anterior body. *Add Breast Drape
    5. Have client sit up, roll bottom towel to base of spine, apply hydrating mud to back and have client lay back down with back now resting on thermoplastic film.
    6. Apply hydrating mud to legs, arms, belly and upper chest, wrapping thermoplastic film around each after application. Cover each completed region with top bath towel as you move around the table.
    7. Cocoon client in thermal blanket, then wrap the regular blanket around the thermal blanket cocoon. Client stays in the cocoon for 15 – 20 minutes. During this time, perform gentle compressions on the legs, arms and shoulders; gently rock the client from the hips; or perform a face, head and neck massage by slightly opening the cocoon at the top. *Do NOT leave the room!
    8. After the allotted time, slowly open the cocoon and begin removing the thermoplastic film one area at a time. As you remove the film, gather as much mud as possible, rolling the plastic into itself to contain the mud. Remove excess mud with moist, warmed towels.
    9. Once complete, transition client into regular massage setup, removing the thermal blanket and thermoplastic film. Make one more pass over the body with a moist, warmed hand towel.
    10. Complete the therapy with a 10 minute Hot Stone massage using body butter.


    • 2 oz. of Bon Vital’® Spa Sugar Scrub
    • 2 oz. of Hydrating Body Mud
    • 12 Drops of Bon Vital’® Geranium Essential Oil
    • 1 oz. of Bon Vital’® Body Butter


    • 1 Pair of Exfoliating Hydro Gloves
    • 3 Rubber Spa Bowls
    • 7 to 10 Hand Towels (8 Warmed)
    • 1 Sheet of Thermoplastic Film
    • 4 to 6 Hot Stones

    TABLE SET UP (from table up)

    • Fitted Sheet
    • Flat Sheet
    • Regular Blanket
    • Thermal Blanket
    • Thermoplastic Film
    • 2 Large Bath Towels
    • Face Cradle with Cover

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