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  • NRG Face Rest Base

    The NRG Face Rest Base is made of a durable yet lightweight plastic and is made to fit the NRG Chi and NRG Karma massage tables. It may also fit other massage table brands with an 8” on center end plate, including EarthLite Brand tables. The NRG Face Rest Base is not sold with a cushion; however the EarthLite Standard Foam Crescent Cushion can be purchased separately to be used with this base.

    What do I do if my face rest base will not lock into place?

    To securely lock the face rest base, apply pressure with the palm of your hand to the bolt on the left side of the base. While holding the left side tightly, turn the lever until it becomes tight and lock it. When locking it into place, it will feel like it is going to break or like you are forcing it, but it will not break.

    How do I fix the Velcro strips if they’re not staying attached to the plastic?

    Use a scraper or adhesive remover to remove the old glue. Then use an adhesive to reapply the Velcro strips. You may also replace the existing Velcro with heavy duty Velcro.

    NRG Face Rest Base

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