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  • Lemonade Summer Splash – Signature Massage Treatment

    Lemonade Summer Splash

    Signature Massage Treatment

    An invigorating body massage and exfoliation treatment guaranteed to quench your thirsty skin like a refreshing glass of lemonade! The scent of fresh squeezed lemons mixed with sugar crystals will melt away tension and leave your skin silky smooth.

    Benefits: Uplifting stress reliever, skin exfoliation, skin brightener and firming properties.  This is an excellent treatment to prepare skin before a self-tanning application.

    Suggested Charge per Treatment: $125 – $150 Lemonade Summer Splash

    Time: 60 minutes Cost per Treatment: $24.70

    Treatment: $9.70 + Take Home Product: $15.00



    To prepare the signature Lemonade Oil, add 20 drops of Lemon Essential Oil to 2 oz of Coconut Oil. Gently shake to combine the oils.

    Products Needed:

    • Bon Vital’® Coconut Oil
    • Bon Vital’ Lemon Essential Oil
    • Bon Vital’ Lemon Roll-on Essential Oil
    • Bon Vital’ Unscented Sugar Scrub
    • Bon Vital’ Unscented Body Silk
    • TheraPearl® Eye-ssential® Mask (chilled)
    • 2 oz. plastic or glass bottle
    • Several warm, moist towels


    Pre-mix the Lemonade Sugar Scrub: in a small bowl, add 6 drops of Lemon Essential Oil to 4 oz of Unscented Sugar Scrub.

    Begin with your client in supine position:

    1. The Upper Extremities

    Add a few drops of the Lemonade oil into your hands, rub together and hold above client’s face for them to inhale, taking 3 long deep breaths. Begin Swedish Massage treatment with gentle effleurage strokes to the face, moving in an upward direction, firm circular motions to temples and scalp.  Stimulate pressure points on the face and scalp. Place chilled eye mask on client.  Move on to the neck and trapezius. Be sure to include some gentle stretches for the neck. Massage each arm.


    1. The Lower Extremities

    Work down the body all the way to the feet.

    Remove eye mask and turn client to the prone position:


    1. The Back

    Turn down sheet to client’s hip and place a warm towel infused with Lemon Essential Oil on client’s back. Use compression strokes over warm towel beginning at the trapezius and work down the back. Remove the towel while still warm. Apply Lemonade massage oil and give client thorough back massage, working all the way down the lower body to the feet.

    Scrub: Apply Lemonade sugar scrub in circular motions, gently exfoliating client’s back, then all the way down the hips, legs, and feet. Thoroughly clean off scrub with moist warm towels and pat skin dry.


    1. The Finish

    Apply a light application of unscented Body Silk. Cover and adjust sheet over client’s back and legs. Apply Lemon Roll-on Essential Oil in circular motion to the feet and wrists. End the massage with gentle rocking strokes along each side of the body. To complete the treatment, offer client a glass of water with lemon.


    1. Take Home

    The cost of the eye mask and Lemon Roll-on Essential Oil is baked into the treatment cost. Send home with your client to encourage them to continue their spa experience.

    Special Notes: Advise clients to avoid direct sunlight after receiving the Lemonade Summer Splash treatment.

    The use of lemon essential oil may make skin more sensitive to UV light.

    Treatment created by Katie Haley, LMT, Debbie Kirsch, LMT and Lynda Solien-Wolfe, LMT

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