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    How to clean and care for your Massage Table

    Friday, February 17th, 2017

    How to clean and care for your Massage Tables

    By David Lahr,

    As most Massage Therapists know, your massage table is a significant investment. It also serves as the centerpiece to creating a peaceful and soothing environment for your clients week after week. This is why it’s so important to maintain the condition of your massage table to ensure it lasts for years to come.

    Here are some guidelines to help keep your massage table clean and in tip-top shape:

    1. How, and How Often Should You Clean Your Massage Table

    Cleaning your table regularly can help minimize the spread of germs from one client to the next.  If you do not use a table warmer of fleece pad, you should clean your table after each client. A solution of mild soapy water will help you cut any oils or body grime left on the table. Follow up with a cleaner that contains no alcohol.

    A great suggestion is PURE GREEN.   Using a disinfectant containing Alcohol will dry your vinyl and can void your warranty with many manufacturers.

    Microfiber cloths are recommended for use with this product for best results.

    If you use table additives such as table warmers, fleece pads, egg crates, or memory foam toppers, you should remove these items at least once a day and clean your vinyl. In between clients, you can help prevent cross contamination by utilizing either a disposable or reusable moisture barrier. This will prohibit the residue from a massage from permeating and depositing on your table additives, helping you maintain a clean and comfortable table. These barriers are silent, and are virtually undetectable under the sheet. These are positions above the table additives and below the sheet.

    1. Maintaining Your Massage Table

    Taking a proactive approach to the care of your massage and spa table will minimize the risk of unnecessary damage, help eliminate the opportunity for injury to the client, and help you develop a regular routine that will maximize the life of your massage table. You should regularly check the condition of your massage table as part of your cleaning routine. Check the frames, braces, legs, and connections of your table and look out for leg adjustment knobs regularly. Nothing is worse than a wobbly table when giving a massage. Tighten the knobs, nuts and bolts and look out for cracks or any other sign of damage. Take the opportunity to switch the face cradle regularly from end to end. This will lessen any natural wear and tear on the table.

    1. Always Keep Your Massage Table Covered and Properly Stored

    Never leave your massage table uncovered. Leaving it bare can leave it open to spills, or damage from someone sitting on it with sharp objects like keys, phones, pens and other items in their pocket. Always have a sheet or a protective fleece cover on the table, even when not in use.  When transporting the table, always place it in the table bag to protect the vinyl from scuffs or abrasions. Don’t leave your Massage Table in your car where it is exposed to extreme temperatures. This can cause upholstery to weaken becoming more vulnerable to rips and tears. Oils can also damage your table so it’s very important to remove oil stained sheets from your table at the end of the day. (Mild soapy water can remove residue, follow with a disinfectant like PURE GREEN for best results. This is a perfect non-alcohol solution for cleaning. ) Be mindful of your sheets as well, as these should never be allowed to sit overnight soiled. Sheets should be cleaned daily. To get the best results, utilize a massage detergent specifically designed with enzymes that help remove the grime left from massage lubricants.

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    Massage Table

    Hydration Preparation

    Thursday, February 9th, 2017

    Hydration Preparation

    Prepare your client’s skin for the dry winter months ahead with a soothing full-body exfoliation of mineral rich therapeutic salts containing a special blend of hydrators to replenish and refine texture. Follow with a hydrating wrap of natural sun-dried rose clay to accelerate cell renewal and soften skin. Then finish with a relaxing massage using our thick and creamy Smoothing Massage Butter.



    • Exfoli-Sea Salt ………………………………………………….. .. 2 oz
    • European Rose Body Mud …………………………………. 2 oz
    • Smoothing Massage Butter ………………………………… 1 oz
    • Lavender EO ……………………………………………… 10 drops



    • 3 rubber spa bowls
    • 9 warm, moist hand towels
    • Warm Towel
    • Plastic Wrap


    Session Time: 60- 90 min

    Recommended Price: $90 – $135

    Cost Per Treatment: $4.08



    1. Mix Smoothing Massage Butter with 10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil in a rubber bowl.
    2. Apply an exfoliation treatment with Exfoli-Sea Salt Glow.*
    3. Apply European Rose Body Mud in an even layer to each part of the body*, while quickly covering each area with plastic wrap. Cover the client with a towel to keep warm.
    1. Cocoon the client by pulling up all layers of sheets, thermal wrap and blanket.
    2. Allow the client to rest for 15-20 min. This is an ideal time to incorporate an add-on face or foot massage.
    3. Remove plastic wrap, removing as much mud as possible with the wrap. Remove remaining mud with warm, moist towels. Be sure to cover exposed damp skin with a bath towel.
    4. Perform a finishing treatment with the Smoothing Massage Butter that was previously mixed with Lavender Essential Oil.


    *Follow protocols in BIOTONE Spa Brochure

    BIOTONE Smoothing Massage Butter

    At MassageWarehouse.com, massage therapist enjoy a one-stop shop for professional quality massage products at the lowest prices available. Rely on Massage Warehouse for your massage supplies, salon equipment and supplies and and cirepil waxing supply needs.

    Frozen Winter Wonderland Relief

    Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

    Frozen Winter Wonderland Relief – T R E A T M E N T  O F  T H E  M O N T H

    Aromatherapy recipe:
    Bon Vital’ Hartland Massage Oil: Add 10 drops of Bon Vital’ Hartland Essential Oil to 2 oz. of Bon Vital’ Therapeutic Touch Massage Oil. Shake gently to combine.
    Bon Vital’ Hartland Salt Glow: Add 10 drops of Bon Vital’ Hartland Essential Oil to 2 oz. of Bon Vital’ Unscented Salt Glow. Stir to combine.
    A sure cure for the winter blues! The Bon Vital’ Frozen Winter Wonderland Relief is a full body massage and scrub that will not only lift spirits, but also warm and relax tired muscles.
    Featuring our custom Bon Vital’ Hartland Essential Oil blend.

    Session Time:
    90 minutes
    Suggested Charge per Treatment: $120 – $180
    Cost per Treatment: $14.79
    Treatment: $6.60+
    Take home product: $8.19

    Bon Vital’® Therapeutic Touch Massage Oil
    Bon Vital’ Hartland® Essential Oil
    Bon Vital’ Hartland Essential Oil Roll-on
    Bon Vital’ Unscented Salt Glow
    Bon Vital’ Unscented Body Butter
    Biofreeze® Professional Gel 2 oz. bottles
    Warm towels
    Home Care:
    Bon Vital’ Hartland Essential Oil Roll-On
    Biofreeze Professional Gel

    K E Y  I N G R E D I E N T S
    Olive Oil, Dwarf Pine, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary, Melissa and Menthol
    1. Begin with client in supine position.
    2. Wrap a hot towel infused with Bon Vital’ Hartland Essential Oil around client’s face.
    3. Remove the towel while still warm.
    4. Begin Swedish massage treatment with gentle circular strokes to the face and scalp before applying any oil to your hands.
    5. Now using Bon Vital’ Hartland Massage Oil, start your massage on the neck and trapezius.
    6. Add gentle stretches for the neck.
    7. Moving on to massage each arm starting at the shoulder, over the upper chest and down the arm finishing with the hand. Repeat on opposite side.
    8. Continuing on to each leg finishing with the feet.
    9. Apply Bon Vital’ Hartland Salt Glow in circular motions, gently exfoliating client’s arms and upper chest keeping breast area draped.
    10. Thoroughly clean off scrub with warm towels and pat skin dry.
    11. Finish with a light application of Bon Vital’ Unscented Body Butter to arms and chest.
    12. Apply Bon Vital’ Hartland Salt Glow in circular motions, gently exfoliating client’s legs and feet.
    13. Thoroughly clean off scrub with warm towels and pat skin dry.
    14. Finish with a light application of Bon Vital’ Unscented Body Butter to legs and feet.
    15. Turn client to prone position. While still draped, add in some gentle rocking and compressions over the back.
    16. Undrape and apply Bon Vital’ Hartland Massage Oil giving client thorough massage on back, glutes, and legs.
    17. While client is still prone, apply Bon Vital’ Hartland Salt Glow in circular motions, gently exfoliating client’s back, legs and feet.
    18. Thoroughly clean off scrub with warm towels and pat skin dry.
    19. Finish with a light application of Bon Vital’ Unscented Body Butter to back, legs and feet.
    20. Re-drape client and gently rock them in a rhythmic fashion.
    21. Apply Bon Vital’ Hartland Essential Oil Roll-on to wrists and ankles.
    22. Apply Biofreeze Professional Gel to trapezius.*
    23. Give client a cup of hot herbal tea.
    24. Send client home with Bon Vital’ Hartland Essential Oil
    Roll-on and Biofreeze Professional Gel.

    T R E AT M E N T  P R O T O C O L
    Frozen Winter Wonderland Relief
    Contraindications: General contraindications that apply to Swedish massage including open wounds and skin infections.
    Not recommended to use Biofreeze on the face.
    *Use Biofreeze as indicated. Before applying Biofreeze, be sure to wipe area clean of all massage lubricants.

    F E AT U R E D  P R O D U CT S
    Bon Vital’ Therapeutic Touch Oil
    Bon Vital’ Hartland Essential Oil
    Bon Vital’ Hartland Essential Oil Roll-on
    Bon Vital’ Unscented Salt Glow
    Bon Vital’ Unscented Body Butter
    Biofreeze Professional Gel

    Bon Vital’ Frozen Winter Wonderland Relief created by Lynda Solien-Wolfe, LMT, Robyn L. Green, RMT,
    and Jonna Winkler, LMT

    At MassageWarehouse.com, massage therapist enjoy a one-stop shop for professional quality massage products at the lowest prices available. Rely on Massage Warehouse for your massage supplies, salon equipment and supplies and spa equipment and supplies needs.

    Bon Vital Serenity Hot Oil Scalp Ritual

    Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

    Bon Vital Serenity Hot Oil Scalp Ritual


    Session Time: 30 minutes

    Suggested Charge per Treatment: $60- $100

    Cost per Treatment: $8.50     Treatment: $2.50 plus take home product: $6.00



    Bon Vital’ Coconut Oil

    Bon Vital’ Serenity Essential Oil

    Bon Vital’ Serenity Essential Oil Roll-on

    Small bottle with a flip up spout to apply the oil to the hair

    Oil warmer or small bowl of warm water to warm oil



    Home Care:

    Bon Vital’ 100% Pure Essential Oil Serenity Synergistic Blend Roll-on


    Aromatherapy recipe:

    20 drops of Bon Vital’ Serenity Synergistic Blend with 2 oz. of Bon Vital’ Coconut Oil


    The deeply relaxing Serenity Hot Oil Scalp Ritual is 30 minutes of bliss. This treatment includes a scalp massage using Bon Vital’ Coconut Oil infused with Serenity Essential Oil blend, which is warmed to perfection in order to relax the senses. The face, neck, and scalp are treated to a soothing massage to help completely let go of stresses!



    1. Begin with client in a supine position with clean towel under their head.
    2. Take a small amount of Bon Vital’® Serenity Massage Oil Blend. Rub it in your hands, have your client take 3 deep breaths while holding your hands above the clients face, so that they inhale the wonderful aroma.
    3. Start by pressing down on your client’s shoulders towards their feet in a rhythmic fashion.
    4. It is now time to add some warm Bon Vital’ Coconut Oil. First place some of the oil in your hand to test the temperature. Then apply gently to your client’s shoulders and décolleté (lower neck line) area using effleurage strokes bringing the oil right up the neck, stroking through the hair. You will want to do this a few times to introduce the oil into the hair.
    5. This is a great time to start your face massage, remembering Bon Vital’ Coconut Oil is great to use on the face. With a light amount of oil still on your hands, draw your hands up the neck, in a gentle but firm effleurage stroke to the jaw line.
    6. Use the pads of your fingers and run along the jaw line to the center of the chin, around the mouth, up over the nose and finish on the forehead. Use a gentle downward compression on the forehead. Slide your fingers outward to the temporal area.
    7. Not breaking contact with the face, lightly slide your fingers back down to the jaw line. Begin fingertip kneading in a circular motion for the chin area moving upwards through the face. Remain aware of your pressure, hand placement and the flow of the treatment.
    8. You can finish the face portion of this massage with some gentle vibrations.
    9. Now take your bottle of warm oil and applying moderate amounts of your Coconut Oil blend to the hair and scalp. Make sure you apply to the entire head and scalp. Don’t be afraid to use a generous amount, coconut oil is great for skin and hair.
    10. Using effleurage strokes, work the oil gently into the hair by raking your fingers in long slow strokes from the hairline to the ends of the hair for even saturation.
    11. Using a circular motion and applying some deeper pressure with your finger tips (always watching your clients face for pain cues), start on the scalp from the top center on the hairline to the back of the head, in small sections, moving your way from the top of the head to the back of the head. Return again to the front hair line slightly lateral to where you started and continue to the back of the head. Repeat until you have covered the entire scalp. When it comes time, rest the clients head. Rotated gently in your one hand and work on the area of the head that was not accessible earlier, repeat for the other side. Remember to include the temporal and ear areas. It is also great to add gentle ear pulling at this time.
    12. Use a relaxing effleurage stroke in between techniques, like gentle finger raking of the hair.
    13. Use your finger tips to apply a downward pressure. Starting on the scalp from the top center on the hairline to the back of the head. In small sections, moving your way from the top of the head to the back of the head. Return again to the front hair line slightly lateral to where you started and continue to the back of the head. Repeat until you have covered the entire scalp. When it comes time, rest the clients head. Rotated gently in your one hand and work on the area of the head that was not accessible earlier, repeat for the other side.
    14. Wrap face in a Serenity Oil infused, warm towel.
    15. Remove towel from face and place on head using some gentle compressions.
    16. Remove the towel and place hands on either side of lower neck. Glide up the neck finishing with some gentle traction.
    17. Take the Serenity Blend Roll-on and put on their wrists and send them home with it to continue the path of serenity.
    18. Serve client a cup of chamomile tea.


    K E Y  I N G R E D I E N T S

    Coconut Oil Lavender Orange Tangerine Rosewood Rose Geranium Chamomile

    F E AT U R E D  P R O D U CT S

    Bon Vital’ 100% Pure Essential Oil

    Serenity Synergistic Blend

    Bon Vital’ Coconut Massage Oil

    Bon Vital’ 100% Pure Essential Oil Serenity Synergistic Blend Roll-on


    Special Notes: This is a great stand-alone treatment or could be incorporated with a foot treatment or full body massage. You can use room temperature oil with this treatment.

    Contraindications: General contraindications that apply to the head and face including contusions, open wounds and skin infections also general massage contraindications.


    Serenity Hot Oil Scalp Ritual created by Robyn L Green RMT and Lynda Solien-Wolfe, LMT


    Lemonade Summer Splash – Signature Massage Treatment

    Monday, August 22nd, 2016

    Lemonade Summer Splash

    Signature Massage Treatment

    An invigorating body massage and exfoliation treatment guaranteed to quench your thirsty skin like a refreshing glass of lemonade! The scent of fresh squeezed lemons mixed with sugar crystals will melt away tension and leave your skin silky smooth.

    Benefits: Uplifting stress reliever, skin exfoliation, skin brightener and firming properties.  This is an excellent treatment to prepare skin before a self-tanning application.

    Suggested Charge per Treatment: $125 – $150 Lemonade Summer Splash

    Time: 60 minutes Cost per Treatment: $24.70

    Treatment: $9.70 + Take Home Product: $15.00



    To prepare the signature Lemonade Oil, add 20 drops of Lemon Essential Oil to 2 oz of Coconut Oil. Gently shake to combine the oils.

    Products Needed:

    • Bon Vital’® Coconut Oil
    • Bon Vital’ Lemon Essential Oil
    • Bon Vital’ Lemon Roll-on Essential Oil
    • Bon Vital’ Unscented Sugar Scrub
    • Bon Vital’ Unscented Body Silk
    • TheraPearl® Eye-ssential® Mask (chilled)
    • 2 oz. plastic or glass bottle
    • Several warm, moist towels


    Pre-mix the Lemonade Sugar Scrub: in a small bowl, add 6 drops of Lemon Essential Oil to 4 oz of Unscented Sugar Scrub.

    Begin with your client in supine position:

    1. The Upper Extremities

    Add a few drops of the Lemonade oil into your hands, rub together and hold above client’s face for them to inhale, taking 3 long deep breaths. Begin Swedish Massage treatment with gentle effleurage strokes to the face, moving in an upward direction, firm circular motions to temples and scalp.  Stimulate pressure points on the face and scalp. Place chilled eye mask on client.  Move on to the neck and trapezius. Be sure to include some gentle stretches for the neck. Massage each arm.


    1. The Lower Extremities

    Work down the body all the way to the feet.

    Remove eye mask and turn client to the prone position:


    1. The Back

    Turn down sheet to client’s hip and place a warm towel infused with Lemon Essential Oil on client’s back. Use compression strokes over warm towel beginning at the trapezius and work down the back. Remove the towel while still warm. Apply Lemonade massage oil and give client thorough back massage, working all the way down the lower body to the feet.

    Scrub: Apply Lemonade sugar scrub in circular motions, gently exfoliating client’s back, then all the way down the hips, legs, and feet. Thoroughly clean off scrub with moist warm towels and pat skin dry.


    1. The Finish

    Apply a light application of unscented Body Silk. Cover and adjust sheet over client’s back and legs. Apply Lemon Roll-on Essential Oil in circular motion to the feet and wrists. End the massage with gentle rocking strokes along each side of the body. To complete the treatment, offer client a glass of water with lemon.


    1. Take Home

    The cost of the eye mask and Lemon Roll-on Essential Oil is baked into the treatment cost. Send home with your client to encourage them to continue their spa experience.

    Special Notes: Advise clients to avoid direct sunlight after receiving the Lemonade Summer Splash treatment.

    The use of lemon essential oil may make skin more sensitive to UV light.

    Treatment created by Katie Haley, LMT, Debbie Kirsch, LMT and Lynda Solien-Wolfe, LMT

    At MassageWarehouse.com, massage therapist enjoy a one-stop shop for professional quality massage products at the lowest prices available. Rely on Massage Warehouse for your massage supplies, salon equipment and supplies and spa equipment and supplies needs.

    Low-Cost, Low-Tech Solutions to Gain Massage Clients

    Friday, May 20th, 2016

    Low-Cost, Low-Tech Solutions to Gain Massage Clients

    By Angie Patrick

    Gaining and retaining clients is one of the most important tasks you will face in your career as a therapist. You may be one of the world’s most naturally gifted therapists, proficient in multiple modalities, with a strong and impressive education and certifications to cover the walls. You may have a beautifully finished table, with the most comfortable and luxurious appointments, and a treatment space that is tranquil and healing. You may even have harps and violins playing live in your space! But in the end, none of this is financially fruitful for you if the client does not know about it, experience it, and return for more.

    You may think your role is that of a therapist; but as an entrepreneur, your role is far wider than that. One of the most important roles you fill is that of being a proficient marketer. Marketing is not scary, and in reality, it can be quite fun. Even if it is not in your nature to “sell,” you should definitely learn how to gain interest for your practice with the public, give a compelling and interesting reason for them to try your services, provide a unique and positive experience whilst on your table, and learn to engage them on a regular basis to keep them coming back for more. I know there are therapists out there who are not tech savvy, or are afraid of building business pages on social media. What I am about to share with you is about as low-tech as you can get, so anyone can do it. This process is really not as hard as it sounds, and if you can think a season, a need, and a likely place to find candidates, you can build on that.

    Starting with a Season

    Let’s use spring as the example. We all love spring, and with the flowers and blossoms come a number of opportunities to utilize in order to reach out to potential clients in a meaningful way. Spring is a season when people get out into the yard and begin caring for their lawns, pools, and gardens. After long months of looking at the inside of their homes, they look forward to the time when they can get in the sunshine and work up a sweat. While everyone can appreciate the work that goes into keeping your place in tip top shape, this can also mean these clients with green thumbs and sparkling pools have sore muscles. This would be the need, a potential client in need of massage to help with sore muscles after overworking them. In order to find likely candidates who may be experiencing issues, consider reaching out to your local nurseries, home stores, and pool supplies and see if you can leave a stack of business cards along with a framed sign with the details of your business, perhaps with the targeted message concerning your skill at helping with sore muscles resulting from gardening. Include an introductory offer, specially priced for customers of the business you have targeted. The business you approach will see this as an added benefit for their clients as you have a deal created specifically for them, and the client will feel a connection as you are speaking to the very thing they are experiencing at the moment; sore muscles from yardwork.

    Another example

    Consider spring as an opportunity to reach out to those who have been held captive by winter, to escape and go out to play the sports they love. These might include golfing, rock climbing, softball, baseball or even fishing. All of these sports require repetitive motion, and with this kind of motion, the opportunity for injury or soreness abounds. Sports massage is a highly sought after skill set, particularly if those who are playing the sports have been less active over the winter, or are weekend warriors. Let’s take the same idea we had for the home improvement clients, and apply it to these sports enthusiasts.

    You can reach out to golf courses, indoor sports arenas, sporting goods stores, and pro shops with the same outreach request. You can even target your local gyms. Tailor the message to meet the client needs of the establishment you approach. For example, you might look at a fishing pro shop, and have your sign speak about being sore from reeling in “the big ones,” and how you can help relieve some of the shoulder and lower back issues these sportsmen may face.

    You can likely come up with a number of scenarios and places you can connect with in order to reach potential customers. In every case, you should provide an incentive for them to call in the first place. An appealing introductory price is a great start. You may also wish to include an incentive for an additional perk should they also bring a friend. This perk can be an add-on treatment at no charge, or a small gift with purchase. Maybe even a deal that allows the client to buy one treatment session, and get another for a friend at 25% off. The goal is for them to bring you another potential client to the table, and allow you the opportunity to book them an appointment as well.

    Once you have established your relationship with the businesses in allowing your cards and information to be shared on their premises, you might inquire if they have a weekly, monthly or quarterly newsletter that goes to their clients. In many cases, these businesses market in a host of arenas, not the least of which may be a targeted email to their client base with information the client may wish to read. If they do, you should inquire as to whether they would entertain an ad, or an offer for your services to be included. They may well charge a fee, and if so, weigh out the cost to see if it makes sense for you and your budget. Seeing your business name in alignment with a company they already frequent and trust can serve as a manner of endorsement, and keep your name top of mind should they have a need, or hear of someone in need of a therapist.

    Once you have a robust list of clients, you should consider your own newsletter. In this newsletter, you can share information that massage clients may find interesting. You can create your own content, or you can also share research findings showing the efficacy of massage therapy in specific instances. In each newsletter, I would suggest making an offer of some kind to engage the client, and compel them to book an appointment. Again, this can be a discounted price, a buy one get one offer, or even something as simple as a free beverage in the quiet room before a treatment. Your imagination is your only limit.

    In a world filled with technological marketing solutions and social media advertising, it is still possible to find ways to inform the public of your existence, your abilities, and your business using a less technical approach. This is not to say you should forsake all technology. In fact, I suggest you do embark on educating yourself on the proper uses of social media, online marketing and website development. But if you are looking for grass roots, low cost-low tech means to get the ball rolling, I am in hopes you will find these suggestions of use. I would love to hear your success stories. To share your grass roots marketing story, email me at apatrick@massagewarehouse.com.


    At MassageWarehouse.com, massage therapist enjoy a one-stop shop for professional quality massage products at the lowest prices available. Rely on Massage Warehouse for your massage supplies, salon equipment and supplies and spa equipment and supplies needs.

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    Multi-Purpose Massage Cream Face-off

    Monday, April 18th, 2016

    Multi-Purpose Massage Cream Face-off

    by Nathan Nordstrom

    Have you ever gone to work at a different office and found out they do not use your favorite massage cream? With all the massage cream companies out there, it was sure to happen to me. I wanted to know what the differences are between as many creams as I could get my hands on. Here is my attempt.

    I will be playing the role of the pseudo-researcher in this article. I have no scientific backing other than my experience. I hope to give you an idea so you can make the best choice of products for you. I do not sell any of these products and have no vested interest in what you use, so, with that being said: I hope you like what you are using or might be trying as a result of reading on.

    I work in both a spa and a clinical massage therapy office. In my research, I used all four products for a day in each setting. I wanted to figure out what gave me the best results for many different techniques I may use in different settings. I also asked all my co-workers and my family for their insights.

    Product number 1: Biotone Dual-Purpose Massage Crème
    Biotone cream has a light arnica & ivy extracts scent. I have a refillable tube that I really like. It has a flip top that I leave open during each massage. It is easy to sanitize between clients. It is also a quite thick cream and did not leak even with the lid open. It goes for $1.23 per ounce for the 14 fl oz jar. It claims to wash out of sheets and have no residue on skin. I found it has a fast absorption speed and leaves a slight oily feel. I really like this product for myofascial work.

    Product number 2: Lotus Touch Multi-Purpose Massage Cream
    This Lotus Touch cream has a very similar fresh fragrance of arnica and ivy like Biotone’s. I think it is a bit more fragrant, but I also like the smell. The price for a 16 fl oz jar is $0.95 per ounce. It claims to have no nut oils, be water dispersible, and leave no stains. I found it has a slow absorption speed and leaves a slightly oily feel. I really enjoyed using this product in the spa. I found I did not need to use very much because it continued to keep a slight glide. In the clinic, one client stated, “I felt a bit oily at the end of the massage; not bad, but a bit oily.”

    Product number 3: Bon Vital Massage Crème Multi-Purpose with Jojoba
    Bon Vital was the creamiest of the products I tried. It came out more like sour cream than the others. It was almost like a softer butter. This texture was unnoticeable to the clients but noticeable to me as a therapist trying to spread the product. This is the only one of the four that I would call truly “fragrance-free.” This product comes in a jar; however, it also has a pump on the lid. You can also get a holster for these jars if you want to commit to this product. As for price, it was $1.27 per ounce for the 14 fl oz jar. Not bad if you are looking at also getting the pump. They claim to have “no nut oils” and be paraben-free (I have no clue what these are; however, I do not think they are good).
    I find it to have a moderate absorption speed and leaves little to NO oily feel. This was an issue at the spa. I found I needed to use more cream because there was no residual oil left. I felt like this would work best at a sports event or even a community event because people would not feel greasy after its use.

    Product number 4: TheraPro Multi-Purpose Massage Cream infused with Jojoba & Avocado Oils
    TheraPro was also very light to fragrance-free. It stood out in several ways in comparison to the other creams. First thing is that they tell you it has nuts in it, so if you have clients with nut allergies, this is not the product for them. On their label, they claim “Quality ingredients like jojoba and avocado oil separate this cream from all others…” I also liked that the 14 fl. Oz. Jar was a steal at $0.72 per ounce. I noticed it stood in the middle of the pack for absorption speed and leaving an oily feel. The texture of this product was an little bit of an issue because of its thickness – it came out in chunks. I usually like to grab and go with my lubricants; I needed to disperse the cream between both hands before it was spread enough to apply to the client.

    Overall each cream had its own strengths. I would use each one in a different way. I hope to keep all four around so I can choose the right product for the right client. I think that is one of the benefits of being a professional: if your clients don’t know, they should be able to ask you for your expertise. If you have a multi-purpose massage cream you like, please leave its name and why you like it in the comments below. I hope to hear from you about your favorite products.


    At MassageWarehouse.com, massage therapist enjoy a one-stop shop for professional quality massage products at the lowest prices available. Rely on Massage Warehouse for your massage supplies, salon equipment and supplies and spa equipment and supplies needs.

    The Boston Marathon Start Line is Getting Closer…

    Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

    The Boston Marathon Start Line is Getting Closer…

    David is getting closer to stepping on what is known as the holy-grail for most runners…the start line for the 2016 Boston Marathon. With the help of his corporate partner, Massage Warehouse David is training for a world class event. David also has been using some of their wonderful products as part of his training regimen. 

    David is running on behalf of the Massage Therapy Foundation. Support his Run for Research today by making a donation to his fundraising campaign at https://www.crowdrise.com/massagetherapyboston2016/fundraiser/davidotto

    You are getting closer to hitting the start line for the Boston Marathon. You are about 40% to your fundraising goal. Are you doing anything unique to reach your final goal? How are your supporters reacting to your cause?

     Every opportunity to ask someone in person for a donation for the Foundation is a unique opportunity – this is the part of my journey to Boston that is challenging and rewarding at the same time. People with whom I am also friends on Facebook and follow on Twitter see me in real life and ask “How is the running going?”. They recognize me from my running posts and I tell the impact that they have when donating to the Foundation. The individual conversations are great and give me the chance to ask them to donate to my campaign. It is the unique interactions on social media that help me reach MORE people that can help me get to my fundraising goal. Videos that I produce, responding to comments, and asking people to share the love are also unique features of what I am doing daily to keep the excitement going! I love sharing my experiences along the way – my journey to Boston is a way to get support for the Foundation and get to hear “Good luck running the Boston Marathon, David!”

    40% is a Wonderful place to be in – 100% is BETTER! 100% provides the Foundation with the tools to share research iniatives with massage therapy professionals

    It is REALLY important that the MTF has the opportunity to continue to participate in the John Hancock Non-Profit Marathon Program.  The Massage Therapy Foundation raises funds that come from people – people like you and me – and from the people that are Team MTF’s corporate partners like Massage Warehouse. The MTF depends on people to continue its work to move the massage therapy profession forward.

    Please help me reach my $10,000 Goal Today!


    Your runs are getting longer leading up to race day. The Theraband Exercise Ball is great for maximizing stretching and increasing flexibility. It is also great for strengthening the abdomen, back, thighs, and legs. Do you feel that it is a good addition to your training regimen?

    Most-definitely! Theraband’s Exercise Ball is, to me, as a runner, like Linus to his blanket. It is comfort training!  I do a couple of the general stretching exercises for my post-run recovery and core stability for prep to have a strong trunk for long-run endurance. Getting into and maintaining natural spine positioning is my goal and the ball helps me do that comfortably!



    The  Lotus Touch Body Scrub is great after a massage or as a stand-alone treatment to keep your skin healthy. With the constant weather change, how do you feel it keeps your skin in good condition during your training?

    I am using the Green Tea Lemongrass Scrub in the shower daily to help defer the drying effects of (sweat) salt on my skin, which is increasing in frequency as the weather gets warmer. I dehydrate a lot quicker in the field and am drinking more water on my runs. Augmenting my skin care regimen with a sugar scrub has made my skin smoother and more hydrated with the essential and basic oils in the scrub AND gotten several comments about how good it smells. Having worked in a spa environment, I can see how this scrub could add to a skin care package and be on a menu that features a more-complete bodywork experience!


    You can purchase these wonderful massage supplies from Massage Warehouse.

    You can support David’s efforts on his journey to Boston here.

    At MassageWarehouse.com, massage therapist enjoy a one-stop shop for professional quality massage products at the lowest prices available. Rely on Massage Warehouse massage therapy supply, salon equipment and supplies and spa equipment and supplies needs.

    Seeing the Mess Right in Front of You: A Spring Cleaning Checklist

    Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

    Seeing the Mess Right in Front of You: A Spring Cleaning Checklist

    By Angie Patrick

    We have all done it. When left to our own devices in waiting rooms, exam rooms, massage rooms, gyms and other healthcare-related locations, we all either consciously or subconsciously do a mental sweep for cleanliness. We all want to believe the place in which we visit and choose to place our trust keeps an orderly household and is free from cross contaminating issues. And whether we are aware of it or not, a mis-step here by staff or the proprietor can color your thinking of the practice or facility. We hold these providers to a higher standard of cleanliness than we often do within our own homes. Finding something that goes against your expectations for cleanliness can indeed sour your confidence in the provider a bit. Depending on the offending infraction, it may even result in you leaving the provider in search of cleaner grounds.

    The Waiting Room

    Let’s start with the waiting room. You may be thinking, “How much could possibly go wrong there?” Well, it is more than you think! The waiting room is the very first impression the client gets of what may lay ahead. Consider your clients sitting idly by, waiting for you to be clear of a previous client. What are they doing while they wait? Some are looking at their phones, checking email or web surfing. Some may be looking at magazines you have placed in your waiting area. Others may have nothing else to occupy them besides looking at your room and inspecting the elements within it.

    Have you looked at the corners both high and low? Are there dust bunnies or cobwebs? Sometimes, behind the door can be easily missed by staff and cleaning crews and may well need attention. If you have artwork hanging, have you looked at the glass and frame for accumulated dust? Are your tables, shelves and counter tops free of clutter and dust? Are the plants healthy and watered? Do your retail offerings look tired and old? Does your retail display have gaps or need replenishing? If you have magazines, are they current or are they 6 to 12 months old? Missing these key areas can give your client the mental image of your practice being one that pays little attention to detail. If that is not the impression you would like to leave in the mind of your client, take some time to look at your waiting area with fresh eyes and work to declutter and cleanse the space.

    The Treatment Room

    Next, let’s discuss the treatment room. In this space, your client may disrobe, place personal items someplace within the room, and avail themselves to the comforts of your table. Beginning from the moment they enter the space, what are the first impressions? Does it smell clean or of essential oils, or does it smell like the breakroom with lunchtime leftovers from the previous night’s dinner? If you work in your home, does your cat box or other pet odor greet your clients upon entering? Does your space please the olfactory senses, or are there any faint unpleasant odors? If you cannot tell, ask a friend to check this for you periodically, as you may no longer be able to detect any unpleasant scents.

    Visually, inspect your treatment room for many of the same issue we inspected the waiting room. However, in this case, you are going to go a step or two further. Consider what the client sees in your room from several perspectives, first being standing upright and walking into the room. What do they see at eye level and on the floor? When they look up, are your light bulbs all operable? Is there adequate lighting for them to complete tasks involved in preparing for treatment? Is there a place for them to place their personal effects with care, and not have them simply tossed on a chair? Is the place for their personal items something that can be wiped clean between clients?

    The second place of inspection should be from a table perspective. The client will be spending a great deal of time here, and unless you get on your table and take a look, you may be missing some cleaning issues. Are the shelves, cubbies, counters and table tops seen from this angle free of dust, prints and debris? Are your chair legs free of dust and webs? As you will be able to see the underside of tables and carts, are there cob webs there that need to be removed? Look at the carpeting or flooring directly under the face cradle. Is it clean and debris free, or can the ghosts of salt or sugar granules from previous body scrubs be seen? Look at the waste baskets and specifically under toe kick plates of cabinetry for any gum wrappers, cough drop wrappers, or other trash lurking there.

    Since we are discussing impressions from the table perspective, let’s objectively examine the table additives you use daily. Starting with your table warmer, look at it closely and inspect the wiring to be sure you have no signs of stress. Further, touch it yourself and insure you have no hot or cool spots. Consider your table warmer as a consumable product, because it truly is. Given its use day in, day out, for hours a day, you can rest assured these will eventually need replacing.

    The same will hold true of your linens. With fresh eyes, take a long look at the linens your clients encounter. These linens are likely washed daily, or at a minimum several times weekly. This is as much as three to five times more often than your household bed linens, and with this much use and laundering, these too will begin to show signs of wear. Beyond visual inspection, touch and smell them and determine if they are fresh, soft and comfy, or if they have begun to pill and shed. Sheets are also a consumable product, and should be replaced once they become worn and no longer convey the image you wish to project of your practice. While these linens may no longer have a place in your practice, consider donating them to homeless shelters. If you have no homeless shelter in your area, consider these as a gift to your local animal shelter. They still have life remaining in them, so put them to great use.

    Lastly, take in a visual evaluation of your treatment space from chair level. If the client uses a chair to re-dress following a treatment session, look at what they see from this seated perspective. If you have supplies on counters or carts, are they organized and housed in a sanitary way? If you have plants, again check to be sure they are not dry or dying. If you have chair rails, have they been wiped free of dust? If you have a mirror in the room for the client to use when re-dressing, is it free of smudges and prints? Has your waste basket been emptied prior to each client? If a client sees the same trash twice in separate visits, you may never see the client again and have no reason why they left. Unless you inspect from each and every angle you may not catch it all.

    These suggestions are to coincide with your regular disinfecting and cross contamination prevention. Be sure you utilize the proper cleaners and adhere to all your national, state, county, province or city regulations regarding the sanitation of your space and the spread of germs and pathogens. While you may well be diligent in the disinfecting of your space, some of the items mentioned in this piece are easy to overlook, and can lead to the client having misconceptions about your practice. Taking a little extra time in making sure every item and every space your client encounters is free of any trace of previous clients is paramount to a positive impression being left in the mind of the client. They will feel well cared for, protected, and confident in your ability to provide quality treatment in a clean and well-kept environment.


    At MassageWarehouse.com, massage therapist enjoy a one-stop shop for professional quality massage products at the lowest prices available. Rely on Massage Warehouse massage therapy supply, salon equipment and supplies and spa equipment and supplies needs.

    read more

    David Otto Q & A – Running for the Massage Therapy Profession

    Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

    David J. Otto is preparing to run an experience of a lifetime…the 2016 Boston Marathon. He is running on behalf of the Massage Therapy Foundation as part of the John Hancock Non-Profit Marathon Program.

    Support David’s Run for Research today by making a donation to his fundraising campaign at https://www.crowdrise.com/massagetherapyboston2016/fundraiser/davidotto

    Recovery and self-care are an important part of any training program. Find out more about David and how he is incorporating some products from Massage Warehouse. Massage Warehouse is David’s corporate partner, and they are helping to make his dream of running Boston a reality.

    Q: You are raising funds for the Massage Therapy Foundation. How is that going? Are you doing anything unique as a part of your fundraising efforts?

    A: Raising funds for the Foundation is turning out to be pretty fun so far! I came into the program with the expectation that I could do a lot of it online and with community-based events that would generate funds for the Massage Therapy Foundation (MTF).

    Word of mouth is certainly a method that I am using with my family, friends and clients .Although it is not so unique, I have decided to add handing out a business-card-sized ‘flyer’ – which is an invitation to donate, learn more about the MTF, and a thank you. My personal conversations with each person can blossom into more sharing opportunities for spreading the word of my fundraising efforts.

    I have been SO fortunate to have the support of several colleagues that are also fundraising on my behalf.,: Collette Wilson is doing a “bake sale” and donating the value of “one [of her] retail massage” prices every week for a couple of months…and several Facebook Friends took her up on her public challenge in one way or another. Ariana’s personal time in organizing official meetups for my fundraising events and being my Trade Partner for recovery massage therapy during my training is another example of supporting me in my dream of running in the 120th Boston Marathon. Many, many Facebook and Twitter friends and organizations Share and Re-Tweet my constant updates – my workouts, event announcements, blog entries – so creating, having, and maintaining those relationships is part of my fund- and awareness-raising strategy.

    Right now, that is what I have been doing but it is still a challenge and I need your help. Please consider making a donation to my campaign. Your support – no matter what the amount – would mean the world to me but more importantly, your donation advances the practice of massage therapy through research, education and community service. That is the mission of the Massage Therapy Foundation and the reason why I am raising funds – and running the Boston Marathon.

    Q: Are there any special donors that you would like to thank?

    It is really difficult to say a particular, individual donor is ‘special’ – EVERY donor is special in my book! I try to Thank (profusely!) Every donation is appreciated!

    Massage Warehouse carries a host of product and service professionals that are really caring about not only the massage therapy profession but also the professionals. As my corporate partner during my journey to the 120th running of the Boston Marathon, I have the pleasure of working directly with this great team. I cannot express my gratitude enough for their involvement.

    Q: You mentioned last week that you are incorporating weekly massage treatments. What else are you doing as part of your regular recovery routine?

    A: SLEEP! And “napping, while getting a massage” is optimal!

    I am starting to incorporate a lubricant in my massage that reduces inflammation, Soothing Touch’s Muscle Comfort Massage Cream. Lubricants like sports gels and oils or creams infused with arnica, olive oil, and/or eucalyptus for example, can help me be more resilient, experience less pain due to [systemic] inflammation, and feel invigorated, to name a few benefits I have experienced.

    And SLEEP! Letting my body do all its natural, metabolic processes is a very important part of my recovery – and preparatory – regimen. Making sure I am getting 7-8 hours per night is a challenge for me – and not always successful – but I am aware of my particular need and do everything to make it a quality recovery technique.