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Body Scrubs & Polishes

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Body Scrubs & Polishes
When the temperature begins to drop, in comes dry, flaky skin. Stock up now on the treatment items you’ll need to meet the growing demand for scrubs that keep skin looking soft and healthy. Offering a scrub service in conjunction with a seasonal scented product can make your treatment even more exciting and enticing for your client.


Salt and Sugar Scrubs
These treatment products use oils that work in concert with the salt or sugar to provide a medium that both exfoliates and rehydrates the skin.

Body Polishes
This type of exfoliant utilizes cream rather than oil and seeds rather than salt and sugar. This product works into the skin and virtually disappears.

Body Butters and Oils
Offer these products that match the scent profile of your scrub as a retail item for your client. This is something they’ll likely be interested in taking home to extend the feeling of soft, supple skin.